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DSCN1548-001A Forgotten Past


There was once a moonlit street I traveled

and forgot

There was a glance that lingered on her raven hair and eyes

made me hold my breath

and was gone

I dance with memories that I vaguely feel are mine

but I cannot be sure are from this lifetime

or rather extend from my forgotten past

eternally stored by my  immortal soul.

They shimmer and tease

Producing those rare déjà vu moments

when two undying souls meet

painful yet cherished.

For I feel you as a part of me

a soothing, exciting, familiar dream

unexplainable by this life I’ve lived

I feel you over the miles – tethered to me

And this desire feels not new, but rekindled–awakened

Your mind and mine have met

but the matter in this body does not remember

It has been said that the most useless things in the world

are the most beautiful

like lilies and peacocks

So it may also be that the most powerful love

is timeless, boundless, and mysterious

like ours