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This was written about a particular person who shall remain unnamed, but could equally apply to any of those moments when I know I’m falling in love.  I never did date the woman I wrote this about as she was involved with a friend, but I was madly infatuated with her for a period of time.  I hope she is doing well.



I see her everyday.

In front of me while buying groceries.

I talk to her.

Her laugh is in front of me as well.

The sparkle of her eyes–Oh how it warms me.

Her smile I cannot resist, nor the shape of her as she ties her shoes.

The blush caused by the sun or a well-timed comment.

The anguish, the hope, and uncertainty in her voice draw me in.

I want to kiss her–make love to her.

I want to soothe her when she is in pain.

I want her to soothe me.

And tomorrow I want to see her again.