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View from the Veranda

View From the Veranda

Dance with me beneath the salmon sky

Celebrate His gift with abandon

Let our laughter and love

Soar and Echo in those lilac clouds


Let us continue to dare a love

so few would accept

Cast aside your cares, doubts, worries and fears

in this dawns healing light

Allow your heart to feel again

That we are true and real

Harbor not secret fears and doubts

But release them

to God and to me

For together we make this love sacred

and alone we are nothing and helpless

Take time to reflect, not on what is not

But what is and will be

And as we count to three and seventeen

As you walk to the veranda

Take my hand

And know that I will not let go

For you are never too far, nor out of reach

You are always with me

Carried safely in my heart