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The Wind Chimes

The room reflects my mind

Video cassettes scattered about the floor

Boxes opened, emptied but not removed

A TV stand awaiting that new TV

The Renoir paintings that remind me

left on the ground

facing the wall

lest they start the tears flowing once again

The china cabinet stands empty

the pieces still wrapped in paper

And surrounding the couch are cans

and wine bottles

All empty

Like me

Occasionally the wind rustles the chimes in the corner

And they offer their beautiful song

But their music is painful now

For they were a gift from her

Glances at the phone don’t make it ring

Lasting stares at her picture

Don’t bring her back

The memories

of our laughter

our sharing and planning

our uniting and love

are my sole reality now

and my sorrow

And tomorrow…

Another empty day, in an empty apartment

Trying to fill an empty heart