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Have you ever looked into the eyes of someone you love and just knew by the look in their eyes how deeply they loved you too?  It is intoxicating and powerful.  It is amazing to me what you can learn about yourself by watching how someone really looks at you.  Below is something I wrote when this happened to me.  It may have all ended painfully, but I still cherish that feeling and the memories of her.

A Souls Certainty

Your eyes are the window to my soul

I see reflected from them a love that creates and strengthens

I see a truth that cannot be measured and duplicated

only known

For with each sunrise

I gaze into your eyes and discover myself

With abandon and complete serenity

I offer myself to you

and know no fear

For it has been replaced by love

And a love that is true, complete, and ours

Simply yet undeniably it grows

Tearing apart…

building anew

Your eyes

Show a love that words cannot convey

But can only be known

With a soul’s certainty